I have ordered two jalabib from the-muslim-store and I wanted to review one of them today to let other Muslimahs know about this website. I’ll review the other one at another time insha’Allah. In my searches thus far, jalabib shopping tends to get quite pricey, especially because of the high shipping costs to the US. This can be extremely frustrating for ladies residing in the states who don’t want to spend every penny they have to wear Islamic clothing. I’ve decided to start reviewing the items I order online to help other ladies achieve modesty without breaking the bank. I purchased the “Afef pants” by Al-Afifa brand in rose clair (light pink).


The Afef jilbab is a two-piece jilbab consisting of a long khimar that reaches past the knees with an integrated tie-back headpiece and a pair of sirwal pants. Mine came with a free pair of grey socks, which was a welcome surprise even though the material makes my feet kind of sweaty. As shown in the picture above, It’s really more of a dusty pink rather than “light” pink, but I love it all the more for it.

There are no tags specifying the composition of the material, but although I don’t know the exact makeup of the fabric, I can tell that it’s made mostly, if not entirely, of polyester. The Afef  jilbab has a soft and flexible crepe fabric. It doesn’t wrinkle easily. It’s completely opaque and wonderfully lightweight which makes it very suitable for the atrociously hot and humid climate where I live. I was impressed with the high-quality stitching as well. I’m 5’3″ and wear a size XS to S for reference in case you girls want to buy it.



I do have a few complaints about this jilbab. This is a one size, which is usually not a problem for me, but I know it can be a problem for many. I am not tall so I was surprised to find that the pants were actually shorter than I had expected. They don’t droop down very low in the middle, which looks somewhat awkward, so I pull them down as far as I possibly can to fake it. Also, this is clearly meant for very slim ladies, which is also not a problem for me. However, if you do not typically wear an XS or S, these pants will be tight, as they are not very elastic. The website says it is “slightly fitted” but that’s only true if you’re small. I did read that they can sew plus size jilbabs upon request though, so you can contact @muslim_jilbab on Instagram if you would like to ask for that.


I’ve included this picture for more detail and to show the color in different lighting. The sleeves are kept in place with elastic sleeve cuffs, which, much like the waistband, are not stretchy at all. They do serve well to maintain one’s modesty, however. The batwing does not extend all the way to the sleeve cuff- rather, it ends below the elbows where a separate sleeve is attached. Other jalabib on their website do not have this. In all honesty, I’m not sure that I like this feature.

The price of the Afef pants jilbab is $23 alhamdulillah, which is not bad at all. Previously, this company was divided into three websites. I created accounts on all three because I found that there were actually different shipping costs for each one! However, now the-muslim-store only has one site: https://the-muslim-store.com/en/ and the shipping prices are higher than they were when I ordered this jilbab. I paid about $18 for shipping, which is high but can definitely be worth it if you order several items. I’m not sure what the price is now. It seems to vary randomly, as far as I can tell. It differs when you place different items in your cart, and it differs day by day.

I hope that this review has been of some benefit to you girls! Assalamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu


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